Animalitoland is the visual universe of Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva, argentinean artist.

"I play with creatures, feed them feelings so they adopt shapes and colors. Then I paint them. You're invited to jump in, see if a hidden part of you whispers a tiny song.

Painting in the street gave me extraordinary connections with strangers, even if we don’t speak the same language. That’s how I learned Sensitivity is a universal language, and Imagination, a sparkle against social numbness. We all have these tools, but don’t train them everyday. I insist we do. So I leave reminders in the city, creating free space among advertising and grey walls.”

I'm now travelling, painting and learning from people. Incredibly grateful.
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Watch some videos:
*Timelapse at Artscape, Sweden > (link)
*Interview at Nordland TV, Norway > (link)
*Process at Mind the Wall, Spain > (link)
*Timelapse at MIAU, Spain > (link)
*Interview & process at Szines Varos, Hungary > (link)
*Conference at Pictoplasma, Germany -available for download- > (link)