There’s a world of moving creatures, invisible to our eyes. I feed them feelings that turn into light and colors. Once their shape is revealed, I crystalize it with pigments and pixels, so we can all perceive them and compare notes.

I use feelings as raw material to connect with those forces we don’t fully understand, although they are key to our behaviour. Making them visible aims to reach beyond ourselves: Characters become different entities in each person’s imagination, as I don’t paint specific gender, race or species. Their stories are re-written by personal experiences, everytime a pair of fresh eyes sees them. And when we share these particular views, we learn from eachother. 

As a nomad streetartist this exchange took a massive scale, reaching people outside the art circles, across cultures worldwide. This feedback revealed that sensitivity is a universal language, and imagination, a sparkle against social numbness. We all have these tools, but don’t train them everyday. I insist we do. So I leave reminders in the city, creating free space among grey walls.

On the outside, the more I travel, the smaller the world gets. On the inside, the more I inquire the deeper it gets. This drives me to continue researching and sharing, because when I look around I feel that I am not one but millions of creatures in an endless entanglement. Unraveled bit by bit, one brushstroke at a time.

Ordes, Galicia, Spain 2018