Deep into our emotional selves, there’s unmanageable chaos, without concepts to contain it or words to describe it all. Perhaps that’s why we struggle sometimes, to understand what is happening to us, to each other, and what to do about it.


With this raw material I paint scenes: The actors, without specific gender, race or species, become different characters in people’s imagination. The play represents something I felt, and suspect viewers felt too. The script is constantly re-written, as each person adds their own life experiences when interpreting the piece. Dark scenarios are always there, around and inside us. But there’s also goodness, I like to point in that direction, often difficult to see or trust.
I like speaking to everyone, using simple language and painting in the street. Disrupting the anonymous, individualist rhythm of cities, a wall stops serving as space divider to begin uniting people without prior relationship, without prior notice.


I took this experiment to different parts of the world: painting in the street, exchanging heart-to-heart moments with strangers from different cultures.
This lead me to think that everyone, no matter the origin, share the same emotional base. To stop thinking of living beings as something alienated of oneself, unveils the fabric that connects us all. To understand that we are not alone is comforting, but also calls for responsibility: our actions -generating goodness or harm- impact us all.


On the outside, the more I travel, the smaller the world gets. On the inside, the more I inquire the deeper it gets. This drives me to continue researching and sharing, because when I look around and see such a complex fabric, I feel that I am not one but millions of people at the same time. It is such a vast feeling that life would not be long enough for me to draw it all.

Ordes, Galicia, Spain 2018