Unpaid work

Please do not ask me to work for free in your project. Sustained quality artwork is not produced out of the blue by “innate talent”, it is done by working hard 24/7 year after year. Don’t take it for granted! 

Use of Photographs

NON-COMMERCIAL: You’re welcome to share my published artwork for non-commercial use only, crediting “Animalitoland” as the artist. I’d appreciate if you let me know when you do it, as I care about what it is used for. Please tag #animalitoland in social media.

COMMERCIAL: If you plan on making a profit with pictures featuring my artwork, or indirectly using it for a client’s campaign, you need to contact me for permission & arrangements before proceeding. Selling images of artistic work without permission or even artist credit, is an infringement of the Copyright Law that protects all creative and intellectual works.