Yes, please

✤ Share feelings and thoughts with me. I appreciate honest messages and reply in the best way and time I can.

✤ Share my artwork for NON-COMMERCIAL use, crediting “Animalitoland” as the artist. Please tag #animalitoland in social media. 

✤ Contact me for permission & arrangements before making a profit with pictures featuring my artwork, or indirectly using it for a client’s campaign. Sell images of artistic work without permission, it is an infringement of the Copyright Law that protects all creative and intellectual works. 

No, thank you

✤ I’m not open to working for free. I work for love in my personal projects. If you have a project, please bear in mind finding sponsors to help you fund it.

There’s a misconception that Art is spontaneously produced by innate talent, therefore it’s free. My artwork is the result of more than 15 years of constant hard work. As a latinamerican artist, the most difficult part has been not giving up.