✤ I play with creatures, feed them feelings so they adopt shapes and colors. Then, I paint them. You’re invited to jump in, see if a hidden part of you whispers a tiny song. ✤

Xichang, China 2019 – PH: Perun, for ColorWayofLove

Animalitoland is the visual universe of Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva. Curious artist, self-taught painter, graphic designer from Buenos Aires University.

With a professional background in illustration, comics, animation, videogames and advertising, I nurtured my visual language with pop and contemporary elements. Around 2010 I started painting freely in the streets, without knowing how deeply would this impact me on both artistic and personal ways. I’m now a full time artist, travelling, painting and growing from direct experiences with people.


Painting in the street connected me with all kind of strangers. I learned that sensitivity is a universal language, and imagination, a sparkle against social numbness. We all have these tools, but don’t train them everyday. I insist we do. So I leave reminders in the city, creating free space among advertising and grey walls.


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🎤 Conference Talk: Pictoplasma Berlin 2015.
Check out small animalito opening up to a big audience in Babylon Kino Theatre. A talk about inspiration, processes and life. Get the 30' talk here


✦ Animalitoland
by Five Locs, 2019

✦ Pochoirs Sonores
by Bruno Rawinski at GSAF, 2018

✦ “Abrazos callejeros
by StreetArt Addicted, 2014

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🎞️ Documentary: ColorWayofLove, Xichang, 2019

🎞️ Documentary: ColorWayofLove, Chengdu, 2019

🎞️ Documentary: ColorWayofLove, Guizhou 2018

🎞️ Documentary: FestivalAsalto, Zaragoza 2018

🎞️ Timelapse: Artscape, Goteborg 2016

🎞️ Interview: Nordland TV, Bodo 2016

🎞️ Process: Mind the Wall , Madrid 2016

🎞️ Timelapse: MIAU , Fanzara 2015

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