❝ I play with creatures, feed them feelings so they adopt shapes and colors. Then, I paint them. You’re invited to jump in, see if a hidden part of you whispers a tiny song. ❞


Animalitoland is the visual universe of Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva. Argentinian/Portuguese artist. Self-taught illustrator, Graphic Designer from Bs. As. University. Since 2004 she’s developed images for graphic design, animation, videogames, comics and toys. In 2010 she started painting in the street, without knowing how deeply would this impact on both artistic and personal ways. Native from Buenos Aires, she lived in Madrid during 2014~2018, and moved to Vancouver in 2019. She’s now a full time artist, travelling, painting and growing from direct experiences with people.

Her creations can be found in a variety of media worldwide: Conferences like Pictoplasma (Berlín), Group & Solo Exhibitions like “Corteza Invisible” at Swinton Gallery (Madrid), Books like “Street Art” by Lonely Planet, Documentaries like “Wonder Walls: the story of Irish Street Art” by RTÉ, and Street Art projects in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Estonia, China and the USA. (READ FULL CV)

❝ Painting in the street connected me with all kind of strangers. I learned that sensitivity is a universal language, and imagination, a sparkle against social numbness. We all have these tools, but don’t train them everyday. I insist we do. So I leave reminders in the city, creating free space among advertising and grey walls. ❞ (READ ARTIST STATEMENT)

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🎤 Conference Talk: Pictoplasma Berlin 2015.
Check out small animalito opening up to a big audience in Babylon Kino Theatre. A talk about inspiration, processes and life. Get the 30' talk here


✦ Animalitoland
by Five Locs, 2019

✦ Pochoirs Sonores
by Bruno Rawinski at GSAF, 2018

✦ SPRAY 3.0: Animalitoland
by Michele Bruno, 2016

✦ “Crossing Borders: Animalitoland
by Zoé Bélisle-Springer, Fresh Paint Gallery, 2015

✦ “Abrazos callejeros
by StreetArt Addicted, 2014

✦ New Web Pick: Animalitoland
by Danny Yu, e-magazine #27, 2010

Watch some Videos:

🎞️ Documentary: ColorWayofLove, Xichang, 2019

🎞️ Documentary: ColorWayofLove, Chengdu, 2019

🎞️ Documentary: ColorWayofLove, Guizhou 2018

🎞️ Documentary: FestivalAsalto, Zaragoza 2018

🎞️ Timelapse: Artscape, Goteborg 2016

🎞️ Interview: Nordland TV, Bodo 2016

🎞️ Process: Mind the Wall , Madrid 2016

🎞️ Timelapse: MIAU , Fanzara 2015

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